Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Niagara Water Fall In Canada

Niagara is a big waterfall on the Niagara River in the international boundary line between United States state of New York with the Canadian province of Ontario. This waterfall is about 17 miles (27 km) north northwest of Buffalo, New York and 75 miles (120 km) southeast of Toronto, Ontario.
Niagara is a group of three waterfalls. The third waterfall is a waterfall Horseshoe (sometimes referred to as the waterfall Canada), American waterfall, and the smaller Bridal Veil waterfall that is separated by an island called Luna Island from the main waterfall.

Although not too high, the Niagara waterfalls are very wide and most popular in the world. More than 6 million cubic feet (168,000 m3) of water per minute dropped and this is the most powerful waterfall in North America.
Niagara is also famous for the beautiful rainbow that ran in the middle of the swift waterfall. Natural beauty found around Niagara makes millions of people from all over the world visit it every day. Especially if not to see the most popular waterfall is. So, too much foreign exchange flows to these countries.
Niagara Falls is renowned both for its beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. Managing the balance between recreational, commercial and industrial have used a challenge for the servants of the fallen since the 1800s.
The peak number of visitors occur in the summer, when the Niagara Falls attraction both day and night. From the Canadian side, floodlights illuminate both sides of the waterfall for a few hours after dark (until midnight). Number of visitors in 2008 expected to reach 20 million and in 2009, the annual rate is expected to top 28 million tourists a year. The oldest and most famous tourist attractions in Niagara Falls is a yacht Maid of the Mist, named for an ancient Indian myth Ongiara, which has been carrying passengers into the whirlpool below the Falls since 1846. Cruise ships operate from boat docks on both sides of the waterfall.
To me, Niagara Falls is very beautiful, for friends who want a trip to Niagara Falls, there is a ship that will bring us closer to the waterfall itself, as in my photo when I was there ...

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