Thursday, April 28, 2011


                            My mom and I beside the lake in Point Pleasant Park
Point Pleasant Park. It’s a park that’s in the city. It’s a beautiful place. All the old trees aren’t scary like what people think. This place is so wonderful. The beautiful lake with the gazebo close to the lake... It’s a great place to take a walk for refreshing, relaxing and for exercise. In summer time, it looks great, with the voices of all the birds there and the voices of the wind that blew the leaves. It’s not too hot in Point Pleasant Park because all of the trees that shade…  It might take a little bit long walk from the gate to the lake, but when we arrive there, all the tired that we felt gone within the second when we see the view of the lake.
                                            My friend and I in Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park is a large, partially forested municipal park at the southern tip of the Halifax peninsula. It once hosted several artillery batteries, and a well-preserved 18th century Martello tower can be found there. The park is a popular recreational spot for Haligonians, as it hosts forest walks and affords views across the harbor and out toward the Atlantic. Shakespearean plays are performed in the park every summer by the Shakespeare by the Sea theatre company.
      My mom and I in front of the gazebo close to the lake in Point Pleasant Park
It was a great time spending time in Point Pleasant Park. I hope it still the way as I left it. I miss this place so much......

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